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Red Theme   

The red theme is all about relationships and connectedness. The three phases see a progression from re-connecting with others through to reflecting on experiences. Following a period of crisis, connectedness is core to supporting positive well-being and future outcomes. This is increasingly important as this period requires that we find new ways to connect and develop relationships in an era of social distancing and social restriction. The power of connection is a theme that has haunted and lifted this period, we have seen worries of isolation and loneliness against a backdrop of national connection through clap for carers, through community and through the visual image of the rainbow. The red theme starts off our rainbow to emphasise the importance of relationships to all of us and to our mental health. 



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 Key Links 

Every mind matters - advice from the NHS to combat loneliness and stay connected


Sharing ideas and good practice so far - examples gathered by the Ann Fred Centre of practical ideas implemented in schools

Ibelong curriculum  for developing connectedness in schools]

Relationships resource- elefriends  


Primary and Early Years- use displays to encourage belonging and bubble identities 

Support pupils in remaining connected to pupils who are outside of their bubble. create inter-bubble communication and activities such as 'bubble belonging' 

Secondary Schools- consider bubble blogging 

Develop belonging and identity by encouraging pupils to create secure bubble blogs to share news, developments and achievements 

Use photos to display positive re-connections and success in school.  

encourage staff and pupils to take part in transition photo diaries whereby positive moments in each bubble are captured and displayed centrally and/or electronically

Be active 

Encourage positive physical activity in school and this can be themed into challenges such as 'the breaktime bounce'  or 'lunchtime loops' encouraging pupils to  walk run, jump or climb to stay active 

Share positive re-connections 

Working with the rainbow theme develop an opportunity for pupils to identify their' pots of gold' each week. this could be an act of kindness, someone they have re-connected with or an achievement or success