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The Rainbow 

The rainbows of resilience model has been developed by the Partners in Psychology team of Educational Psychologists to support schools in supporting children and young people transition back into school following the COVID-19 lockdown period. The model comprises three phases and it is structured to anticipate a fluidity of movement between these phases rather than an automatic or structured linear progression. The themes provided are built upon the symbol of the rainbow which has become synonymous with the NHS and keyworkers and the strength seen across the UK during this period. The core principles are represented by the colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and divided into a three phase approach. The representative image has been produced with the hope of being accessible to as many pupils as possible whilst also providing a systemic structure for schools staff, professionals and parents.

How do I use the rainbow? 


Find your theme

Each theme has its own page - you will see on each page that there are resource cards for each age phase- click on the relevant  word within each age range to access the "rainbow card" containing tips and activities. There is one card for each age range for each word


The Order 

The Rainbow has been established so you can either work through each phase and theme or you can dip into the areas that you particulalry need - its your choice . Each page also contains whole school tips and links and resources  relating to the theme. If working through the rainbow as a structrue, start with the phase one words for each age group, work on acitivies from each colour over the first term, then phase two in the second term and so on.  


resources and links

The Rainbow recommends resources and links from many different fantastic organisations - it aims to guide you to useful resources that can be of help in each area and collate some of the help and support availlable to schools but, Partners in Psychology does not hold any responsibility or ownership for the ongoing content of these links