The image 

The rainbow displays the 21 key words which represent each theme at phase 1, 2 and 3. The image has been created as a whole school resource to display to support systemic work in schools . Click on the rainbow button below to download a printable PDF of the image for display 

Phase One 

This phase is aimed at re-establishing relationships, gradually building time spent in school , observing new protocols, hearing children’s voices and inventing new ways to make them safe and secure whilst also appreciating that we will need to give time to this and how looking after yourselves too will ultimately be enabling for children and young people. 

Phase Two 

This phase builds on transition principles of moving forward from initial values and approaches to looking at opening channels of communication further, re-orientation to traditional curriculums and trying to re-ignite motivation for learning and future thinking

Phase Three

This phase is built around the premise of hope and of future, it touches upon cultural influences which may or may not have played a part in a child’s experience of the lockdown period and is aimed at using solution focussed thinking (de Shazer 1988) and preferred futures to enable children and young people to look hopefully to the future and build steps, educationally and emotionally, towards it.

Download the Rainbow